Good Sam Spring Appeal: Your Support Helps Save Lives

Dear Friend,

April showers can bring May flowers, but an April snowstorm brought about a desperate situation for one elderly person facing homelessness.
This individual was left at the Montpelier Transit Center in the middle of Vermont’s heavy April snowstorm. Wheelchair-bound with significant medical issues, the inability to care for themselves, and loss of access to the motel program left no options.    

Good Sam took this individual in for short-term stabilization. We provided an accessible room, reassurance, encouragement, and a personal care attendant while staff searched for a solution among our state and local community partners. 

We wish this was an isolated case, but sadly, Good Samaritan Haven is being called on more frequently to provide emergency shelter and complex care beyond our typical scope.

The complexity of this case, and the ability to help provide safe, dignified, and medically adequate care for this person is an ongoing journey. 

Good Samaritan Haven is committed to showing up when there is absolutely no other option. We are committed to turning over every stone to advocate for those who are falling through the fissures of the state’s social service systems.

We rely on your support, your allyship, and your personal investment in making our community a kinder and more just place to live. 

Thank you for your contribution,

Rick DeAngelis & Julie Bond
Co-Executive Directors
P.S. Your DONATION will help us respond to the impossible situations we face every day.

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