Health & Safety

Since 2020, the number of individuals experiencing homelessness in Washington county has doubled and people’s needs have become increasingly complex, compelling Good Samaritan Haven staff to deepen our ethic of care. We support guests with: dementia, cancer, paralysis, diabetes, heart disease, chronic communicable diseases, depression and other mental health conditions.

In response, Good Sam expanded its core services to include increased access to healthcare for our guests. We partner with local and state healthcare organizations such as Central Vermont Home Health and Hospice, People’s Health and Wellness Clinic, and the Vermont Department of Health.

Our healthcare offerings include:
Vaccination clinics (Covid, Monkeypox, Hepatitis and more)
Covid testing
Regular nursing visitation
Targeted healthcare support for unsheltered folks

In 2021, we brought on our Health and Safety Officer, Amelia Klein, who oversees health and safety protocols for our street outreach services. Amelia also organizes regular COVID testing, vaccination, wound care, access to preventive care and healthcare education for those living outdoors and in shelters.

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