Homelessness Awareness Day Gratitude Story and Poetry

By Poet & Homelessness Advocate Jacob Folger

Homeless Morning
Homeless Noon and Night
I am alone, fear gripping me
As I fight this fight.

Cardboard for my bed
Trash bag for my head
No future home in sight
‘Move on’, the land owner says. 

Sleeping rough.
Boy, it’s tough.
My days, no job to do
I have no purpose, where oh where am I going to? 

People looking down at me
Ignoring me I see
I am invisible– not even here
I wish I could be free.

Excerpt of a letter of gratitude from a Good Sam guest

Dear Good Sam,

“Desperate, broken, and all alone, I arrived eight months ago at your door. The night prior, I slept in my broken down truck at a park & ride. I asked God to help me–I didn’t know what to do. God Answered and guided me through your door. I was given food, shelter, company and hope all in one. Exactly what I had been looking for. Over the course of eight months, my energy and focus was freed to pursue my dream. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

As a result, this individual went on to obtain a long-haul trucking license and found a job and security. We at Good Sam couldn’t be more happy for, and proud of, this person. This is the result of deep community care and belief in their ability to achieve their goals. 

“All That You Need Lies Within You”
by Angela Herrera (Reaching for the Sun)

Consider this an invitation
to you.
with all your happiness
and your burdens,
your hopes and regrets.
An invitation if you feel good today,
An invitation if you do not
if you are aching–
and there are so many ways to ache. . .

Maybe your heart is heavy or hardened.
Maybe it is troubled
and peace can take up residence
only in a small corner,
only on the edge,
with all that is going on in the world,
and in your life.
Ni modo. It doesn’t matter.

All that you need
for a deep and comforting peace to grow
lies within you.
Once it is in your heart
let it spread into your life,
let it pour from your life into the world–
and once it is in the world,
let it shine upon all beings

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