Homeless Emergency Support Fund 

Good Samaritan Haven and Another Way launch an emergency initiative with the closing of the winter overflow shelter and the end of the state-funded motel program

Be part of our community response.

Homelessness is a crisis in our area and it is about to get worse as many people will soon be required to leave temporary shelters and housing. Good Samaritan Haven’s three shelters in Washington County are at capacity, meaning that some of these displaced folks will join others already living outside.

Good Samaritan Haven is building an emergency fund to help. We are making a special appeal to the community to provide life-supporting assistance.

“A perfect storm of factors has emerged, including a historically tight housing market and the end of federal and state assistance for emergency motel housing,” said Good Samaritan Haven Co-Executive Director Rick DeAngelis. “We will continue to work for better solutions, but for now, we need to help prepare all those who have no recourse but to live on the streets and in the woods.”

Beginning on June 1 emergency housing in motels, provided by state of VT, will begin to come to an end. Over the next 4 months, 350 individuals including 75 children, will lose their housing.

With the anticipated influx of unsheltered people, Good Samaritan Haven and other area organizations are under pressure to provide basic essentials. “Our neighbors are in crisis and need our help,” said Another Way Executive Director Ken Russell.

Good Samaritan Haven is working with its service partners and area communities to find safe solutions to anyone who is displaced. In some cases this may include providing them with gear, such as tents, sleeping bags, food, water, and other essentials needed to live outdoors. 

If you can help, please call Good Samaritan Haven at (802) 479-2294 or make a donation online by clicking on the orange button below.

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