2021 Summer Appeal

Dear Friend,

Often I am asked how things are going at Good Sam these days. The answer is twofold: several really exciting developments are unfolding, yet a humanitarian crisis also looms.

On the plus side, the community’s collective concern for the plight of the homeless during the pandemic has pushed us closer and closer to being able to purchase the Twin City Motel in Berlin. By year’s end, we fully expect to open this property as “The Hub.” The Hub will not only provide short-term housing shelter but also will serve as the center of services the unhoused need to get their lives back on track. We are also very close to leasing another property in the Town of Barre to provide transitional housing for those guests who have moved beyond crisis and are closer to finding long-term housing.

The additional 50 beds are critically needed, but what really has us excited is the dramatic shift in quality. By providing privacy, safety, and security — vs. the previous model of guests sleeping in crowded congregate conditions — we are vastly improving stability and support for those experiencing homelessness. Your generosity has enabled this change!

Unfortunately, the numbers have grown and more people than ever are on the streets. Throughout the pandemic, area motels with assistance from the state provided an important safety net in Washington County for over 300 individuals. Now the safety net is disappearing as the state tightens motel voucher eligibility standards.

Good Sam does not have the capacity to serve them all. Where will they go? We just don’t know. It is a crisis in the making.

We can’t let up the momentum. There’s been incredible, heart-warming progress — but the situation is dire. More than ever, we need your help to continue to safely shelter fellow Vermonters.
With gratitude,

With gratitude, 

Rick DeAngelis 
Executive Director

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