Rusty Dewees “The Logger” Benefit

Two of Vermont’s favorite Entertainment sons— Rusty DeWees THE LOGGER and Patrick Ross THE FIDDLER Fall & Winter Comedy and Music no added sugar tour arrives in downtown Barre, Vermont to christen the 2018 Holiday Season.


Actor/Comedian DeWees is known for his beloved and valued THE LOGGER persona— full-on comedian, burgeoning musician, —Rusty’s one-man comedy shows are best described as Blue Collar Comedy meets Prairie Home Companion. “Always loved Barre’s Opera House. I’ve Played there with great effect dozens of times. It’s a throwback to old Show Biz, and the area audiences are like family, at this point … no joke.

The Vermont-born Ross is a fifth generation fiddle player, et al, who has performed at the Grand Ole Opry and shared stages with Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash and Paul McCartney. Rusty says “Patrick Ross and I’ve been showing 4 years and I’m inspired by his musicianship. He’s helped me improve on my guitar and vocals. Look out, cause he’s a great all-around performer, which you’ll see through his comedy at this year’s show. Watching Patrick is worth the price of admission alone.”

Fresh comedy bits Rusty’s been working on are the main course of this 2018 LOGGER and FIDDLER tour issue at the BOH, but there are plenty of seconds on desert in the show served through Rusty and Patrick’s unique musical duo act, featuring fiddle, mandolin, guitar, cello, banjo and drums (played by two guys). Rusty has written “Dean and Jerry” / “Tom and Dick” (Smothers) type comedy bits you’ll lose air laughing at.

Rusty and Patrick feel particularly blessed to be working once again with Brooke Jenkins and her team to raise money for Good Samaritan Haven, a benevolent shelter in Barre, helping folks be and stay well. Along with playing the BOH as a fundraiser for GSH, Rusty and Patrick also visit the shelter throughout the year to play music for the residents.