Support Services & Basic Needs

Good Samaritan Haven provides support services and basic needs to all guests free of charge.

Each evening, Good Samaritan Haven offers a nutritious, home-cooked meal provided by community members or churches. We also provide for basic needs, including laundry detergent and grooming supplies. The shelter offers support services to all guests including housing and employment assistance, case management and referral services, assistance obtaining mainstream benefits, financial support to lease or maintain a unit, and essential goods support.

Good Samaritan Haven relies on donations to provide services to our guests.

Support Services

Within three days of intake, a Case Coordinator meets with each “guest” to assess the client’s needs and to develop an individualized service plan. The Case Coordinator works closely with other service providers to create a support team for each client and to help them move on to stable housing as quickly as possible. Good Samaritan Haven partners with many community providers to connect our guests with all housing opportunities, services, and programs for which they qualify.

Basic Needs

Good Samaritan Haven also provides essential basics including toiletries, laundry, showers, and clothing to our guests. All services are provided free of charge through the generosity of our donors. Please contact us if you are interested in donating basic needs.

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