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Do Not Admit Guidelines

Anyone over the age of 18 who is homeless is eligible for our Emergency Shelter program unless the person is a registered sex offender, is on our Do Not Admit List, or has been exited from the Emergency Shelter Program in the last 30 days. Sex offenders cannot be allowed in the shelter because of close proximity of a school..

Clients can be added to the Do Not Admit list for incidents like using drugs on shelter property or violent behaviour. Clients not eligible for shelter are referred to other services, including 2-1-1 and General Assistance. During extreme or dangerously cold weather, most clients are allowed to spend up to three nights of emergency shelter.

Clients can be discharged from the shelter for many reasons, which fall into two categories: completion of program or non-compliance with the program. Non-compliance with the program includes a range of behaviour, including repeatedly missing appointments, spending many nights out of the shelter without permission, using drugs or alcohol on the premises, continual breaking of shelter rules, and other offenses.

Clients are given two business days to make other arrangements and are referred to resources for assistance if they are discharged. If there is a safety concern due to threats or behavior, or if a client is on a provisional agreement that states the client will be discharged immediately is the provisions are violated, the client can be discharged the same day.

Other Things You Should Know

Other Things Guests Should Know
Rules and Guidelines

  • Guests and volunteers are to treat each other with courtesy and respect. No threatened or actual abuse of any kind will be tolerated.
  • Guests are expected to help with dinner preparations, cleaning and maintenance. Each guest must clean his/her own area and make their bed daily.
  • Smoking is not permitted on GSH property.
  • No weapons, alcohol, unauthorized drugs, or pets are allowed on the premises.
  • Guests are required to take a shower regularly. Showers are to be taken anytime after the shelter opens in the evening until 11 p.m., and in the morning between 5 a.m. – 6 a.m. No showers are permitted after 6 a.m.
  • A washer and dryer are available for use. Donated clothing may also be available if needed.
  • Telephones are available for brief calls. Long distance calls must be collect.
  • Each guest is responsible for his/her own medications.
  • Guests may not use the kitchen or take food from the refrigerator without permission of the volunteer. Guests may not cook without making arrangements with the staff.
  • Guests must be in their rooms by 11 p.m. with lights out and must not disturb the sleep of others during sleeping hours.
  • GSH assumes no liability or responsibility for personal items. Items left behind will be disposed of after one week.
  • Guests  must meet with a Case Coordinator within three days of arrival for a Housing Barriers Assessment and to develop an Individualized Service Plan.

Guest Voices

Former clients tell their stories and talk about their experiences being homeless.

My Sister  

“My sister… found herself living alone in an apartment she could not afford in a bad section of town.  She was threatened with eviction but had nowhere to go. I found Good Samaritan Haven… [The guests] receive a clean safe place to sleep, a hot dinner every night and a tremendous amount of support services to get them back on their feet.

I have never met a more caring, encouraging and  helpful group of people than the staff of GSH.  The staff make GSH what it is: a temporary home and family for good people who have fallen on hard times.     GSH provided that help and I am happy to say that, after a few weeks in the shelter, this past weekend I made the journey to Barre to move my sister into her new apartment!!  She has never been happier.”

Struggling with Depression

“Joe” came to Good Samaritan Haven after attempting to commit suicide by setting fire to his house.

“I came to the Good Samaritan Haven when I was released from jail and was homeless. I was jailed when I set fire to my house in an attempt to commit suicide. I was put in jail for 4-months while I was waiting for my trial. The charges were misdemeanors, so I was sentenced to 4-years of probation and time served. I had heard about the shelter and my lawyer called and found out there was a bed for me.   During my time here, the staff helped me to apply for and get Social Security Disability, and they helped me get into Veteran’s Housing at the Veteran’s Place in Northfield.

Some things that stand out in my mind are the way I always felt welcome and could always talk to people if I was in need. They helped with all my issues and the help continues beyond my time at the shelter. I like to volunteer to help out at the shelter.”   Joe volunteers and cooks meals for the Haven as a way to show his appreciation for the support he received.

Camping Out

Following several brief shelter stays over many months, guest Royce was able to make enough progress on his goals to get his life in order last summer and maintain stable housing. He came back to volunteer at the shelter and share his experience with other guests.   Royce shares what it was like camping out before he came to the Haven:

“Going underneath the bridge and just sleeping. Sometimes not even sleeping, just resting. It was quite cold, especially during the rain because you can’t find too many places around here that it’s dry. Under a bridge. You always have the animals and the wildlife, especially skunks around here. They like to go where you’re at, because it’s dry.”

Your support helps make sure stories like Royce’s have a happy ending.

Events and Fundraising

As a small, local non-profit shelter,  the Good Samaritan Haven holds several annual fundraising and awareness events and occasional special events. Please consider supporting our events through donation, participation, or offering your time as a volunteer!


Help is always needed preparing for our annual events, from hanging flyers to stuffing envelopes to staffing the event. Our three major annual fundraisers are described below. Other fundraising partnerships are also welcome; please contact us!

Walk for Shelter   

The  annual Walk for Shelter is a family oriented, light-hearted walk designed to bring people together and spread awareness and understanding about homelessness. People of all ages attend and walk two laps or twenty laps, each to his or her ability. Community members are joined by current and former clients, and the two hour event is concluded with a BBQ for all participants. Local bands play live music to motivate the walkers.

You can get involved by walking, sponsoring a walker, or volunteering at the event. Recruit your friends, family, and coworkers to join you!  Homeless Vigil Join us in January for a homeless vigil to raise awareness and honor those who have been lost to homelessness.

Holiday Campaign and Direct Mailing Appeal   

Our Direct Appeal is a mailing that goes out around the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season, in November. Help is needed printing the appeal and stuffing envelopes.

Walk for Shelter
Our Annual Walk for the Homeless

Fighting Homelessness One Step at a Time

Information About the
Next Walk Coming Soon!

To walk, volunteer, or become a sponsor, contact Brooke Salls

[email protected] or (802) 479- 2294

Everyone has a reason to walk.

You, a friend, a loved one, or even a stranger you have seen huddled in the cold has been homeless.  It touches us all, and it is time to work together to help homeless Vermonters. Our goal is to have 100 walkers collect a total of $10,000 for the Good Samaritan Haven.  All of the proceeds will go directly to the Haven to fund housing and employment referrals, case management, outreach and prevention efforts, and shelter operations.

To reach our goal, we hope that each participant can raise $100 from sponsors. You are encouraged to form a team with your co-workers, family or friends to fundraise and walk together. There will be recognition for teams and individual walkers who who collect the most donations.

You may drop off donations as the shelter before the walk. On the day of the walk, please remember to wear comfortable shoes, sunscreen, and bring medications that you may need with you (asthma inhalers, epi-pens, nitroglycerin tabs for angina, etc).

Registration begins at 10:45 AM.

And remember to have fun!