Good Samaritan Haven
105 North Seminary Street, Barre, Vermont 05641

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Emergency Shelter Program

Good Samaritan Haven offers short term emergency overnight shelter to homeless adults. Families are referred to Economic Services or 2-1-1 for state-funded hotel beds. The shelter does not currently provide space for families due to the complex nature of serving families and single adults, in light of the design of the shelter building and staffing. Homeless families are served through our Transitional Housing Program in furnished units.

Basic Criteria:

  1. You must be homeless
  2. You must be at least 18 years of age
  3. You must be clean and sober while staying at the shelter

Our Emergency Shelter is open from 6:30 PM to 7:00 AM each night; an Evening Supervisor provides staff supervision and support from 5:30-10:00 PM. At 9:30 PM, a volunteer from the community comes in for overnight supervision and to wake clients up in the morning. Intakes can be completed during regular business hours or between 5:45 PM-11:00 PM. Intakes at other hours are at the discretion of the overnight volunteer. Clients not eligible for shelter include sex offenders and those on our Do Not Admit list.

Each evening, we offer a nutritious, home-cooked meal provided by community members or churches. We also provide for basic needs, including laundry detergent and grooming supplies. The shelter is open during regular business hours Monday through Friday for supportive services. Our core services include housing and employment assistance, case management and referral services, assistance obtaining mainstream benefits, financial support to lease or maintain a unit, and essential goods support.

In our Emergency Shelter program, an individual may be provided with up to 7 days of emergency shelter, which can be extended to 28 days, if appropriate, after an assessment with a trained staff person. Clients may stay for up to 4 months if they are working toward goals and following house rules.

An individual completes an intake and screening process to determine eligibility; individuals who have been in the shelter previously cannot return for a minimum of 30 days after being exited from the program unless approved by the Shelter Director.

Within 3 days of intake, clients, whom we refer to as “guests”, meet with a Case Coordinator to develop an individualized service plan outlining the clients needs and wants, with input from the client and guidance from the staff person. The Case Coordinator works closely with other service providers to create a support team for each client, to expedite and streamline progress on goals.

Anyone over the age of 18 who is homeless is eligible for our Emergency Shelter program unless the person is a registered sex offender, is on our Do Not Admit List, or has been exited from the Emergency Shelter Program in the last 30 days. Sex offenders cannot be allowed in the shelter because of close proximity of a school..

Clients can be added to the Do Not Admit list for incidents like using drugs on shelter property or violent behaviour. Clients not eligible for shelter are referred to other services, including 2-1-1 and General Assistance. During extreme or dangerously cold weather, most clients are allowed to spend up to three nights of emergency shelter.

Clients can be discharged from the shelter for many reasons, which fall into two categories: completion of program or non-compliance with the program. Non-compliance with the program includes a range of behaviour, including repeatedly missing appointments, spending many nights out of the shelter without permission, using drugs or alcohol on the premises, continual breaking of shelter rules, and other offenses.

Clients are given two business days to make other arrangements and are referred to resources for assistance if they are discharged. If there is a safety concern due to threats or behaviour, or if a client is on a provisional agreement that states the client will be discharged immediately is the provisions are violated, the client can be discharged the same day.

Other Things You Should Know